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"Australian Magic" Gelcoat Repair Now Available in Western Canada
Industrial Plastics to represent Australian made boat surface repair products

Australian manufacturer, MagicEzy, the makers of the 9 Second Chip Fix andHairline Fix products, are delighted to announce that Canadian fiberglass boat owners in Western Canada can now repair surface damage on their boats easily, thanks to Industrial Plastics (1975) Ltd, who is now the Western Canadian distributor for the MagicEzy range.

MagicEzy products take the hard work out of performing minor repairs to gelcoat and fiberglass with their one-part, pre-colored repair products.

According to MagicEzy CEOWarwick Lindsay, anyone who has ever tried to repair damage on fiberglass knows that it's a nightmare with repairs often taking hours or even days to complete. “Our patent-pending, nano technology repair products solve this problem.  The one part, nanotechnology formula with in-built colourant enables boat owners to repair and colour fiberglass and gelcoat damage in seconds.”

We’re delighted to now have representation on both coasts in Canada via Scotia Coast Yacht Sales on the East Coast and Industrial Plastics (1975) Ltd on the West Coast. For months now we have been receiving requests from Canadian retailers and the boating public asking for our product. It’s great to now have two distribution partners in the country,” said Lindsay.

The MagicEzy range includes 9 Second Chip Fix which is ideally suited to repairing chips, nicks and gouges.  Stress cracks and gelcoat crazing can easily be fixed in one application using MagicEzy Hairline Fix which is a high gloss, one-part nano-sealant. Both products are available in 11 colors. Unlike traditional fiberglass repair products, with MagicEzy products there is no sanding prepwork, no messy mixing and no odour.

Even composite and aluminum surfaces can be repaired easily by priming the surface first with MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer Sealant.

All MagicEzy products have structural grade adhesion that offer long-lasting repairs which are backed by a three year repair guarantee and a two year shelf-life guarantee.