9 Second Package   Hairline Crack Package   Mega Fusion Package
9 Second Chip Fix T+P   Hairline Fix T+P   Mega Fusion T+P
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9 Second Tube   Hairline Crack Tube   Mega Fusion Tube
9 Second Chip Fix Tube   Hairline Fix Tube   Mega Fusion Tube
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9 Second Display   Hairline Crack Display   Mega Fusion Display
9 Second Chip Fix Display Box   Hairline Fix Display Box   Mega Fusion Display Box
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9 Second Product Line   Hairline Crack Product Line   Counter Displays
9 Second Chip Fix Color Range   Hairline Fix Color Range   Display Boxes Range
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Diagram: Prepare   Diagram: Apply   Diagram Level
Prepare   Apply   Level
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Diagram: Trim   Colour Chart    
Trim   Color Chart    
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MagicEzy Logo   9 Second CF Logo   Hairline Fix Logo
MagicEzy Logo   9 Second Chip Fix   Hairline Fix
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Mega Fusion Logo        
Mega Fusion        



A4 Brochure 9SCF   A4 Brochure HF   A4 Brochure MF
Brochure-9SCF   Brochure-HF   Brochure-MF
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Shelf Talker 9SCF   Shelf Talker HF   Shelf Talker MF
Shelf-Wobbler-9SCF   Shelf-Wobbler-HF   Shelf-Wobbler-MF
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Tear-Off Flyer   Poster A3   Counter Display Card
Tear-pad   A3-Poster   Counter-Display-Card
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Chip Fix Application   Hairline Application   On Board Demo
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Media Releases


"Australian Magic" Gelcoat Repair Now Available in Western Canada
Industrial Plastics to represent Australian made boat surface repair products

Australian manufacturer, MagicEzy, the makers of the 9 Second Chip Fix andHairline Fix products, are delighted to announce that Canadian fiberglass boat owners in Western Canada can now repair surface damage on their boats easily, thanks to Industrial Plastics (1975) Ltd, who is now the Western Canadian distributor for the MagicEzy range.

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MagicEzy - Top Boating Products 2014

This week, Australian manufacturer, MagicEzy has received international recognition for its revolutionary fiberglass repair product, Hairline Fix, having been selected as one of the Top Products 2014 by highly respected, Boating Industry Magazine.

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